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Prof. Emeritus Robert Bornstein

Department of Meteorology and Climate Science
San Jose State University
San Jose, California USA

Urban areas alter atmospheric energy and moisture balances to create unique weather patterns and local climates.  This presentation thus both reviews processes creating urban climates and recent advances in urban PBL modeling, with an emphasis on urban impacts on summer convective thunderstorms.

Prof. Bornstein has been at SJSU since 1969.  His Ph.D. is from NYU, and his research interest is observation and simulation of urban atmospheres in changing climates.  He has been Executive (or Emeritus) Editor of Atmospheric Environment since 1987; served on the WMO Commission for Urban and Building Climatology (2004-9); and was the first American to receive the AMS (2008) and IAUC (2008) lifetime achievement awards for urban research.

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