Event: Integrated Approaches of Designing and Retrofitting Energy Systems for Sustainable Urban Centers


 Moncef Krarti, PhD, PE, LEED-AP


Almost half of the population of the world lives currently in cities. In 2030, projections indicate that 60% of world population or nearly 5 billion people will live in urban cities. A common characteristic of urban centers is the high density of the built environment systems with large stock of residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. These buildings utilize significant amounts of valuable and ever dwindling resources. Worldwide, buildings account for about 40% of the primary energy consumption. In the US, buildings are the end-users of 68% of coal and 55% of natural gas. Despite new codes and standards and computerized design tools, U.S. commercial building stock is no more energy efficient today than it was 25 years ago. In 2030, approximately 60 percent of the current commercial US building stock will still be in use. Clearly, reducing the energy demands of existing buildings need to be a major part of any effort to achieve a sustainable energy future for urban centers in the US.



In his presentation, Prof. Krarti will outline several integrated and holistic solutions and practices to improve energy efficiency while maintaining good environmental air quality and minimizing carbon emissions in urban centers with a focus on both new and existing built environment.

Moncef Krarti, Professor, and Director, Building Systems Program, Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering Department at the University of Colorado, has a vast experience in designing, testing, and assessing innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies applied to buildings. He also directed several projects in energy management. In particular, he has conducted over 1000 energy audits of various residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. He has published four books including a best seller textbook on energy audit of building systems that is widely used to teach energy audit techniques. Moreover, he has conducted several training workshops and courses in energy analysis of building energy systems using state-of-the art measurement and simulation techniques. In addition to his experience as an international consultant in energy efficiency, Prof. Krarti has published over 200 technical journals and handbook chapters in various fields related to energy efficiency and energy conservation. As part of his activities as a professor at the University of Colorado, he has managed the energy management center at the University of Colorado.



March 28, 2014
12:00 pm -1pm
Steinmann Hall Exhibit room