The understanding of the availability and quality of water resources regionally and globally is one of the major challenges in Earth System Sciences, particularly when these resources may be at risk due to the changing climate. ESES students are challenged to research questions concerning the availability of water resources.

Sample Research Projects:

Lisa Morasco (September 2011- December 2012)

Water Quality Testing in Leogane, Haiti

The purpose of this research is to develop a holistic and sustainable water and sanitation system for the town of Leogane, Haiti.  During early April, a group of researchers from CCNY, led by Michael Piasecki, went on a data gathering mission to guide the development of the water and sanitation system. This poster is the summary of the water quality testing done in Leogane.

Michelle Diaz (Summer 2012)

Land Classification on Peru Wetlands

Wetlands are an important part of the carbon cycle because of their large amount of carbon dioxide and methane and can work as pool, sink or source of them. The presence of wetlands can be determined using remote sensing by their characteristic of no slope of the land surface with Digital Elevation Model images and by the lower value of backscattering in PALSAR. The study was achieved using ENVI software with decision tree classification method dividing in three classes: open water, forest, inundated vegetation.

Gregory Aponte (Summer 2012)

LCLU (Land Cover Land Use) Classification of Coiba Island, Panama

Analyzing two separate data sets pertaining to different years. Comparing and contrasting land clsification results with ENVI and MapReady Software.

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