Event: Urbanization Impacts on Regional Weather and Climate

Urbanization Impacts on Regional Weather and Climate


Urbanization is the other global change underway with more than half the population living in urban areas now. Urban landscapes affect regional temperatures through Urban Heat Islands. This feature is fairly well documented. Urban areas have an even more profound and important feedback on the regional extreme weather and climate by modifying precipitation and associated environmental features. How urban areas affect our rainfall patterns, through landscape heterogeneity as well as urban aerosol interactions will be discussed by reviewing the state of the science using multiscale modeling studies and satellite based observations. Also, by reviewing these interactions between urban landsurface heterogeneity and regional climate, this presentation will discuss opportunities available to develop future cities that can help develop resiliency to climatic vagaries.

Prof. Dev Niyogi’s research has helped understand the role of land use/land cover change such as agricultural intensification and urbanization on regional weather and climate. Dr. Niyogi has been a recipient of NSF CAREER award and has coauthored over 130 papers for peer – reviewed international journals, 11 book chapters, and over 150 conference proceedings or abstracts for professional conferences such as the AMS and AGU annual meetings. His research has been cited in the popular press such as Yahoo!, MSNBC, Wired, CNN, LiveScience, and NASA press releases.

Dr. Niyogi has joint appointment in the Departments of Agronomy – Crops, Soil, and Environmental Sciences, and the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at Purdue University. He has also been designated as a University Faculty Scholar and is the State Climatologist for Indiana.