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There are three distinct sessions for internships at NASA Centers, plus a year-long internship:

  • Spring: January through May
  • Summer: May/June through August
  • Fall: September through December
  • Year-Long Opportunities that do not fall within the conventional summer, fall, or spring session timeframes. Typically, these opportunities span multiple sessions. A student may complete an application or update an existing application to re-submit only during the timeframe that applications are being accepted for a specific session. The application acceptance timeframe for each session is as follows:
  • Applications for spring internships are accepted: 6/1/2012 – 10/11/2012
  • Applications for summer internships are accepted: 11/1/2012 – 2/1/2013
  • Applications for fall internships are accepted: 2/2/2013 – 5/31/2013
  • Applications for year-long internships are accepted at anytime

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